Oceana diver releasing a loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) from a plastic rope entanglement. West of Gozo island, Malta. LIFE BaHAR Malta 2016 Expedition. July 2016. Buceador de Ocena liberando una tortuga boba (Caretta caretta) enganchada en una maraña de cabo de plástico. Oeste de la isla de Gozo, Malta. Expedición LIFE BaHAR Malta 2016. Julio 2016.

This year’s event will spotlight The Plague of Ocean Plastic, and address the enormous problem of single-use plastic pollution. The increasing rate of deadly plastic waste in the ocean is alarming. Thousands of animals – from small songbirds, to the largest mammal on the planet, the blue whale are dying at alarming rates from eating and getting caught in our plastic waste.  And just now, the human health impacts are beginning to surface. The production of plastic is doubling every decade, creating an estimated 18 billion pounds of plastic waste entering the ocean every year. At this rate, our oceans are on target to have more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Guests will learn what Oceana is doing to combat this global plague and learn what can be done to help at this year’s event.